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rar archive doesn’t open Answered

I created .rar archive and after something happened at opening and I saw an error: Invalid or corrupt authenticity information. I couldn’t do rar.recovery procedure via WinRAR.


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Best Answer 4 years ago

WinRAR has recovery feature, which is quite effective in easy corruption
cases. But for complicated situations is provided Recovery Toolbox for
RAR, it has demo version – https://rar.recoverytoolbox.com/


4 years ago

Never seen this particular error before, but found this in the WinRAR FAQs:

I get an error like "Invalid or corrupt authenticity information"!

The Archive has been created using an -av switch
(add information about archive and archive creator), but this
information is corrupt or wrong. It may indicate that archive data are
damaged or a corrupt or fake (illegal) rarreg.key was used to add the
authenticity information.

Check to see if you have installed the recent version - if not, please download the actual WinRAR/RAR version here. We always improve all functions with every update.

I also found the following on Reddit:

1.Open Winrar from start menu.
2.Browse to the corrupted rar file.
3.In winrar address bar enter the corrupted rar path,
select the corrupt rar file.
4. From winrar menu bar click 'Repair'.
5. a new rar file with prefix 'fixed' will be created.
6. Rename the fixed rar file to the original corrupt rar file name.
7. Now extract and you should have your content without any errors out of RAR files.
If you are still experiencing the issue after you can try RAR Fix Toolbox https://www.fixtoolbox.com/rarfix.html