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raspberryPI Answered

hi all

looking at getting involved and getting a raspberry pi finally


is that the one I should get?

I plan on getting it with a case and wifi adapter




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6 years ago

at this point, if it's available in your area (which It should be) the B+ is definitely the way you want to go. it's not a game changing improvement over the B, but the improvements they did make are all very purpose driven.

it's a little extra money, but if you're completely unfamiliar with PI you might want to see about getting one that comes with NOOBS on an SD card already (


it's the same hardware, but it comes with an SD card loaded with the NOOBS boot loader that will let you install any one of the most popular PI OS images directly from the SD card. it's a little easier than building your own OS SD card (not that that is the hardest thing in the world to do)..I've found the ease of use is worth the extra $10