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rc project Answered

I decided to go for the rc car. I'm using the 1/5 scale  maxstone trying to combine it with the raspberry pi. I'm also using adafruit's pwm. I know this might be old to others but it is new to me. I am a beginner and I am very excited about it! 
I am open to any suggestions, comments, feedback, links, anything would be great!



2 years ago

Here is an update with some of the components I am working with.

adafruit 16 channel 12 bit pwm for servo

adafruit DC and Stepper motor pwm

raspberry pi arducam.

Both the interfaces are pi hats, which I am told I will have a little trouble but can switch some addresses. I also have the pan/tilt servo attached to the arducam which is also a work in progress. I soldered the headers on backwards and then (with lack of patience) had to order more drives.

Any tips?


2 years ago

great build up i think you should adjust the best rc cover


2 years ago

Without meaning any offence here:
Why do you do this?????
If you have a working base that you can move around and play with then for crying out loud make an Instructable out of it!!
Document the steps, what you changed from original code/provide your code and show enough detailed pics.
There might even be a contest that is available to enter for you.
The additional things you can either add to your Intructable as a work in progress or once fully working add them as a new Instructable, e.g. as an improved version.
This way a lot more people can benefit from your ideas and great work so far.
Not to mention the learning experiences that you could share.
Do it nice and someone might even feature your project, creating lots of views and followers ;)


Reply 2 years ago

Thanks! No offence taken. Like I mentioned, this is my very first time so I really didn't know exactly how to post it. I'll redo it, thanks again