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rca power supply Answered

I was wondering if anyone could post how to make a simple rca power supply for a tattoo machine. Just a plain rca female input like off the game cords, not the guitar amp. it needs only to supply 3-4 volts of power. maybe an old walkman or something? when i have the smallest cutest girly homeade tattoo machine that i want to post but i want to make sure it works properly first, it runs off batteries right now but i want to be able to plug it in. if someone does this project could they msg me when its posted? thanks :)


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11 years ago

. Do you want to use one of these to connect 3-4VDC to your tattooer? If so, just get a battery holder (2x1.5V cells?) and solder on the appropriate gender. You can get them at most electronics stores (eg, Radio Shack).
. Keep in mind that RCA phono connectors are not meant to carry current. They may not be the best choice.