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re-spoke bicycle wheels Answered

When I was much younger, I re-spoked two bicycle wheels off-center and put them on a bicycle for a parade. I don't recall how I did this except it wa s an article in pop. mech. or pop. science magazine, or similar mag. I do remember that I used 24" wheels on a 26" frame and that they must have been less than 2" off-center to fit the frame. It was fairly easy to ride at slow speeds, but terribly hard to go fast, as it would tend to throw you off. It was a lot of fun, though. I hope someone can tell me how to build one of these again. Thank you for any and all help !


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Reply 13 years ago

Wow !! I didn't know there was so much info re wheel spokes.Some of those topics are helpful, but I'll wait and see if I get any other info (like some easy directions.) As I recall, the mag. article listed spoke lengths and locations for the different lengths. I appreciate your time to answer. Thank you !!