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real-time multiple objects movement tracking Answered

Hi all.
is it possible to tracking multiple objects movement in real-time with a webcam or hdcam or ircam?
i don't need skeletal motion capture data, i just need 2D top view coordinates of objects in an area and tracking them till the event finish...
is this possible and how?



7 years ago

Yes, it can be possible if you know how to program or if you buy that system.

Basically you need to use an algorythm to detect changes in the webcam's picture.
You say "multiple objects". That is more difficult to program. Instead of using 1 webcam and a rotating servo motor, you can use 4 webcams that don't move.
Then you need to compare the information from those 4 webcams to detect changes in the pixels.

Using mathematics, you can use a system of coordinates to get the information you need (height, width, etc...).

I program using Visual Basic. You can download a free edition from microsoft website. Google Visual Basic Express 2010.
In the website planetsourcecode.com you can download source code files to learn how you can start.


7 years ago

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