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recommended cameras for FTIR? Answered

Hi Everyone, Need some wisdom on a good camera to get for a multi-touch ftir screen. i've destroyed two cameras so far trying to making this thing work (to no avail) :-( #1 was a Logitech quickcam pro 9000 (had to rip apart the AF mechanism to get to the IR filter) #2 was a Logitech quickcam chat, which i successfully converted (ie pulling the IR filter and putting in a visible light filter - film), but the thing would work in low light levels to save its own soul, and turns out CMOS sensors are no good for this kind of application from what I'm reading. So if anyone out there has a camera that they've had particularly good luck with that they'd like to share the name of with me, I'd be ever so grateful. Eviscerating cameras has started to become an expensive proposition for me, so the fewer the better! Thanks!


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