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recycled green-glass frame for large mirror? Answered

...I'm imagining four mitered panels, about 1/4" thick and 4" wide - but not tiles, actual long pieces of thick, wavy, green glass (or any color close to that). I would somehow attach these to an unframed ikea mirror I have, which is about 3x4 feet. HELP!! :)



10 years ago

You might be better off faking it with acrylic or the like, large bits of deep coloured glass are expensive, however you could go to any place that does glass for windows etc. and find out, effectively you'd need a 4'X16 plate to cut up, with two one foot piece left over, unless you order it cut.

I think the design idea's nice imagining it in my head, you could even just find the right texture and colour some clear casting resin, pour a cast over and cut up in to the right sizes, if you do that though, do it in one batch for colour consistency...