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redneck water crafts......does anyone have ideas for 2 liter pop bottles made into a water craft or pontoons? Answered

I am the chair of a fairly large parade and we have a new catagorie...redneck stuff..or something like that ...I want a watercraft because after the parade we are going to launch said craft on a nearby lake...and hopefully have a race...



6 years ago

make it a really big sofa with tubes on the bottoms and on the back of it put a gun rack


10 years ago

I would get the plastic containers that the bottles are shipped in and put the bottles (filled with foam packing peanuts) into these. Or, perhaps a better idea would be to put the bottles in to pallets (have to be a palet that is enclosed on both sides. That would give you structural material to build a boat (actually a raft) with. use 2 or three rows of two for the deck, and on the bow and stern angle the ends up. build a bicycle powered paddle wheel for the back, and have at it. do it yourself stern wheeler (low displacement, and guaranteed not to sink). If you did this right, you could make it look pretty cool.


Answer 10 years ago

BTW - this might be a basis for a stich and glue boat. Just finish the panels by covering with epoxy and glass cloth. Might make a really cool boat.


10 years ago

You should cut the top off of a bottle, and chain it into a long tube and stick tape on the edges. then stick bottles at the end. I once built rockets the same way.