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reducing noise from chain driven garage door opener to apartment above. GDO is mounted to cement ceiling..need isolators Answered

, when GDO is opened, the initial start causes a big bang , which abruptly  awakens  the people in the apartment  above. i  am not the garage user or apartment  resident. however it seems there is a relatively easy solution to isolate the noise.  When i had my GDO installed , i knew of these problems and opted for a belt driven since it is quieter, but for all i know the , a new resident could move in and i could be an annoyance. She had the installers return but , they just know how to follow the instructions.

i looked into this a couple years ago,  i saw  in some GDO homeowner  handyman site the same problem and i read  that there was an isolation piece of hard rubber that would go between the cement ceiling and the GDO  hardware that attached to the ceiling which would reduce the noise transmitted to the apartment above.
i looked a couple years back and  couldn't find  the supplier of this  rubber noise dampener/ isolator.
Anyone have any ideas on how to quiet the problem, or is the chain too long and that is adding to the BANG when the GDO starts



8 years ago

looks like my answer got lost is space.
i dont knoe about vibration/noise isolation techniques. to proper isolate in this casei am guessing that the pieces used to attach to the ceiling be of a super hard rubber or other vibration/noise compound, i have never seen rubber bolts, but i know there are isolater devices. even if i made a thick folded piece of tire, would sandwiching it between metal plates help, cause i would still br concerned on how to attach it to the ceiling, it would have to be solid since it produces torque.
someplace in the past i remember seeing the isolation mounts. i just remembered, i retired from telco, the old att sites, many were considered hardened sites, cold war era, as the windows of the att building, the telecommunications buildings were sand bag sized. they were able to pile up sandbags to secure the equipment.the carrier equip which was n carrier and some t , all was mounted on idolators so that it would take a bomb hit, the smaller carrier sites were underground. They were called hardned sites. the mirrors in the bathroom was ss steel, no glass to break
i guess a engine mount that had isolators built in may work


8 years ago

I don't know! But I would try a piece of scrap tyre cut into size as a damper.