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remote control vehicle regulations (not drones, rather cars and boats) Answered

Hey everyone !
I'm designing an amphibious rc vehicle thats a wee bit bigger then most.

I want to use mostly bike parts, a 500W drive motor and a 100W trolling motor.  Max out at 30kmh (18Mph)  not sure of the final weight
it will not be used on a public road / highway  but will be used on public lakes.

I've been trying to consult google but it's overwhelmed by drone regulations and I can't find anything useful.
Any thoughts or links with some info?
I live in british columbia, canada


Josehf Murchison

Best Answer 2 years ago

Well in Ontario Canada; RC on the water or land is unregulated, that is why you get drones and RC Airplanes when you Google, in the air is regulated. However if the RC boat is large enough you may need a boating licence. So Google, "Boating Regulations BC Canada." You might find this link helpful.



2 years ago

If you want to use any kind of "boat" on a public lake it means two things:
a) It must be legal to use a boat on the lake.
b) The vessel must be registered or be excempt for a registration - e.g. toys.

As long as it is unmanned and only remote conrolled you might get away without registration but I would directly ask the council or corresponding water authority.
Give them yourspecs in terms of size, weight and possible max speed.
In return they can tell you if you are allowed to use or if you would get into trouble.


2 years ago

somethings to think about.

Public liability Insurance

Safety\ risk assessment



Annoying the public


Local rules and bylaws regarding operating machines in public places.

Most of this adds up to - doing this will be risky, costly, prohibited or all 3.