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removing power supply noise from my bluetooth speaker Answered

hello guys, so i made this bluetooth speaker and when i hook everything up and runing i get this weird noise from it im pretty sure it has something to do with the voltage step up but im not sure how to remove the noise would be great if you could help :)

 yeah yeah i know the schematic is pretty epic, lets pretend that the two amp audio input and bluetooth dongle audio output are connected, and ignore the fact that there are no switches and stuff like that pretty sure thats not hwat causing the noise. 
 i know that theres a way to remove noise by using capacitors but i dont really know how to use them. thanks for tips :)


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4 years ago

With 5$ in hardware you cant expect it to work like a proper amp system.
If you need a solid 5V then use a 5V system and not a step up converter for 50 cents.
You can get nice RC battery packs in the 7.2 and 9.6 volt range,with a proper 5V regulator you won't have any noise problems other than what comes the dongle and amps itself.