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repainting kitchen cabinets? Answered

What primers, degreasers (?), type of paint and glaze do I need?



10 years ago

Degreasing is the big item. Any oils on the surface will interfere with the new coat of paint. Scrubbing everything down aggressively with detergent, followed by a water wipe to remove excess detergent, will probably do the job... though I'm sure paint stores would be glad to sell you something tailored for the purpose. Primer may not be needed if you're going to a nearby color or a darker color. If you're going to a less compatible color, a layer of white primer will help a lot in keeping the old color from showing through. The other thing primer can do is deal with incompatibilities between the old and new paint -- generally you want to use the same general kind of paint as the old one so they bond to each other, but if you're changing types (or aren't sure) a primer made to adhere to both oil and latex paints can produce much better results. So if in doubt, one of these primers may be good insurance. Glaze: That's a matter of taste. If you use a high-gloss paint (especially an enamel), I don't think you need a separate glaze layer unless you want it for a specific effect. If you've got a local paint store, you may want to ask them for suggestions. This kind of knowledge is one of their advantages over general-purpose hardware stores. (Personally, I'd think about refacing in wood veneer; I'm not hugely fond of painted kitchen cabinets. But repainting is probably cheaper.)