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replace head gaskets on a northstar engine? Answered

have to replace both head gaskets on wifes car. cannot find any info or factory manuals any where. any and all info needed thanks


vince 09

10 years ago

well you should start out by finding a book on the car go to your local parts store and tell them the year, make and model of the car and ask for the mechanics book on it. it could be expensive but it is worth it. this book will tell you everything and it walks you through step by step. but a quick run through drain the antifreeze you need to get to the valve covers whatever you take off remember where it goes remove the valve covers and you will see either two cams or all your rockers if there are cams than I think you just take off the chain off the front I am not sure I haven't worked with these. if you have all rockers you need to get all the push rods out and they need to go back in the exact same spot the same way. after this loosen all the bolts holding the head on evenly loosen them all a little bit before removing them so you don't crack the head. than pull off the head and any remaining anti freeze will fall out of the head and block, pull the gasket off and clean all surfaces than repeat run through in reverse and the head bolts need to be tourqued to a specific set and what ever the final torque is go half torque than full torque. any questions just ask sorry if that isn't 100%clear