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repurpose a powerbook 190? Answered

i have this old macintosh powerbook 190, its nice to look at but as far as functionality and weight go its unreasonable nowadays.
so im looking for a creative way to repurpose it, it still works fine, and the screen is all working, but i want to do more with it than waste 10 minutes at a time playing spin doctor.

i was thinking of turning it into a tablet or something, but i dont know if i can do that in any way, either through the ADB port or SCSI, correct me if im wrong about that.
i dont really use it, but i dont want to just get rid of such a interesting piece of technology.

even if i cant reuse it how i want to, what can i reuse it for?



7 years ago

Well, it's probably got more power than an Arduino, so it could be used in many of the same kinds of projects if it has or you can plug in appropriate ports. Or you could set it up as a network server for a shared printer and/or shared backup disk drive; it doesn't take all that much processor power to keep up with the speed of physical devices and home networks.


Answer 7 years ago

its got 2 mcmia card ports, a SCSI port, the ADB and a floppy drive that may or may not work.
as far as networking goes a 16 year old laptop might not be suffice, not to mention ive already got a computer set up with the printer for wireless printing.