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requests to publish instructable for someone else Answered

having had some recent successful instructables i have been approached by some asking me to publish their instructable, naturally i have no intention of doing so, however i wonder why someone would do this instead of publishing it themselves?

i also wonder what the rules are with regard to external links in instructables and if the external links in this instructable are the motivation for this person wanting his instructable on the site. the instructable he has created does not look innocuous as far as i can tell but it is not feature worthy as it has no images at all and that then begs the question whats the point?



1 year ago

Perhaps they're hoping if you post it, it'll get featured? That's all I can think. I'd definitely steer clear of it, though, since the instructable sounds unfinished. :)

We're fine with external links in instructables, as long as they don't get spammy. I think it's great to have authors promoting their own websites or stores, but the instructable itself needs to be good quality and not just something made for click-throughs.

Maybe you could send him a link to my class over publishing an instructable? Lots of good info in there. :)



1 year ago

I would not do it.
We have the help section where people can get feedback for the Ible.
Also enough info on how to make one properly to site standards.
If someone asks another person to publish an Instructable for them then I fail to see any valid reason for it.