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resin sword blade? Answered

what is a good resin to cast a sword for use as a prop and i just need a flat sword shape or blank and if i made the mold out of wood would the resin stick to wood?


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Best Answer 11 years ago

I made a prop sword out of resin before. I made a few different versions, straight resin, resin sand mix, and resin nylon fiber mix. None of them worked. They all came out just fine, but none held up for long. If I were to do it again, I would use fiberglass batting and resin. Bondo makes an automotive fiberglass repair mix. If you are going to just pour it over a wood blank (it will stick), mix the resin and catalyst, brush it on over the wood, apply the fiberglass, then paint the resin mix over the fiberglass until it is at a level you want (letting it dry between each layer). If you will cast it, cast your mold over the wood blank, remove the blank, paint a layer of resin/catalyst mix on the mold, lay in the fiberglass, close the mold and pour in the mix. Hope it helps!