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router bypass (/w toggle switch) Answered

Hello, it's been a while.
This problem requires someone with IT experience, and basic wiring. (the two go hand-in-hand really.)

An ethernet cable is made up of 8 color-coded cables. the colors are brown, brown-white, blue, blue-white, orange, orange-white, green, and green-white.(for ease of coloring, I didn't differentiate between the mixed/solid wires) The principle works similar to that of a lag switch. The solid orange cable handles the data flow, and in lag switches it is "cut" by a  simple on/off switch. But here, Instead of the solid orange cable being "cut" by the switch, it simply switches the input. Hence the toggle switch. 

**I realise you can do the same thing with port forwarding, but however hard I try, it does not work. Even software made to do it won't let me.

Before i go out and by 4 ethernet cables that i don't need, i was wondering if this concept would work.
From the modem out, the ethernet cable is spliced into two wires, which had two paths:
path 1: directly to the router, out a router port and to the switch (red line picture 2)
path 2: directly to the switch. (red line picture 3)
from the switch, the cable goes directly into the computer tower.
with a simple flick of the switch,  the input to the switch would either go through or bypass the router.
although the green and blue current (amps) is split, the amperage is joined again at the switch because of Kirchoff's current (?) law.
although the orange is split, it cannot flow through both wires at the same time because one will not have any place to flow.
because the internal wires are twisted to reduce interference, I would use the required minimum of 2 feet for any segment.

Q1: would this work?
Q2: if so, would this effect the router because the power is split. 
Q3: if so, would an 8-pole toggle switch be the solution?
Q4: would this have any negative effects with the power going moving at different rates (destructive interference)
Q5: would an alternate setup be more plausible? (see picture 4)

Thanks in advance



7 years ago

1. What are you trying to do? Is this a cable modem, DSL, fiber, etc. I'm only guessing you are trying to switch and bypass the router because you can't configure it properly.

2. Get a new router?

3. You are only looking at this from an electrical circuit perspective. Where does the term "lag switch" come from? Yeah, you could wire it up that way but I doubt it will work. You have to know how the networking protocol works on those wires. And the way the modem talks to the the router or it talks to the computer as your access point to the internet.

4. I'm guessing you have a single point out on your modem. Your ISP may limit one connection at a time - it knows what you have hooked up to it. You get around that by hooking up a router. The router should be able to provide a path clear through or filtered with the parameters you set up.

5. That said, hopefully this is your home network that you are the administrator of and have rights to go poking around the network. Maybe your ISP does not allow you to access or pass through certain traffic generated by you.

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Reply 7 years ago

to answer your questions
1. cable modem, it's configured properly but i can't host games on WC3 with it.
2. this one works, it's just a hassle having to go back behind the monitor and deal with the wires
3. lag switches are used in gaming to make you lag, or lose connection with the server temporarily. if you switch it off, you appear to others as a frozen image. but you can move around. you get in position, flip on the switch, and for example kill the other player.
4. the modem they gave me only has one port out. and I can't unfilter it. I've been to many websites offering port forwarding help but It doesn't work. hours have been wasted this way.
5 I am the admin.

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Reply 7 years ago

Hmmm, seems if your ISP is blocking game traffic and doesn't want to host game servers, you might be constrained by that.

Thanks for the explanation of lag switch, seems like gamers that pretend to be hackers are ruining the fun for the rest of the lot. There was another recent topic on someone joining an online game rigged to blow away their stats.

You might have to look at game-specific forums to help you find a solution. Good luck.