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running a camera and wireless station from batteries Answered

im thinking of setting up cameras away from my house and need advice on the power. basically they will be mounted on poles down fields from the house.

what i plan on having is a network camera setup with the Ubiquiti wireless points (https://www.ubnt.com/airmax/nanostationm/). these will form a bridge of 2 or 3 cameras and the cameras will be connected to each, with one of the wireless points mounted on the top of the house to connect to. 

what i cant figure out is the power. i would like to run a power cable down the field sometime but this will be costly and i want to try this out to make sure it works.

i know deep cycle batteries would be best but i cant join the rest together. i know there will be a POE connecting into the wireless box and this will be split, so how would i join this to the battery, as would a converter be needed or any other suggestions would help. thanks!


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4 years ago

First it depends on the power needs of the devices. How much voltage does each need? Is it AC or DC? If it needs more than 12V you'll have added difficulty. If not then a simple voltage regulator between the device and the battery will be fine. But make sure the regulator can provide the current the device needs. Also be mindful of the amount of power the devices will draw and how long they can run on the battery. You may find you'll have to change out the battery multiple times a week. Requiring multiple sets of batteries to rotate out and keep the system up and running. Once you have that all figured out you'll need the proper connectors to go from the converters to the devices. This will get pricey on you quick.