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saw a deal on ebay to recondition dewalt 18v batteries. does anyone know if it works? Answered

Bought some new batteries today and when looking on ebay a guy had a booklet you could buy to learn how to recondition dewalt batteries. Actually any rechargable battery and also lead batteries. The cost was about $8. just wondering if it was a real deal.




10 years ago

its a bad deal Those instructions can be found on instructables and hackaday: shock the battery with a similar voltage but high amperage - like with a mig welder for a few seconds. Information is free - don't fall for buying 'information' booklets on ebay.


10 years ago

Hi NO NO NO do not buy that book. Our family have owned a powertool store/repair since 1976. If you want to have them checked up go to a registered dealer. As if you do it yourself you might have the pleasure of finding what 18 volts feel like. Thanks Orro PS De Walt is crap buy makita