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second laptop webcam ideas Answered

i have a dell 1545 with built in web cam i go to college and i want to record what my professor puts on the board in a reasonably discrete manner ? i have no cash and very little electrical knowledge would simply buying a second web cam be the best thing to do or what any hep is greatly appreciated




Best Answer 9 years ago

If you're looking for the cheapest of solutions, you could simply lean your screen back a bit, and correctly angle a mirror in front of the back-facing webcam to make it see forward. You could also still see your screen to type by doing that. Not completely discreet if you're not supposed to be recording, but should suffice if you're just trying not to draw a lot of attention.


9 years ago

You could build/buy a removal hdd box, without the hdd in, and mount a small webcam inside that and face it to your teacher, and if they ask just say "its a removalble hard drive"