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secret boxes Answered

Hi! I'm a letterboxer. I bet a lot of Instructable users know what that means. Every year I host a big Halloween event. I'm already in the planning stages for 2015. The theme is Twin Peaks. Mysterious stuff hidden the woods -- perfect. Anyhow... with the idea of building interest ahead of time I had a brainstorm of riffing on the backstory from the actual show that Cooper had been involved in an ongoing investigation long before Laura Palmer's murder. So I'm thinking of using a blog to put out a variety of clues, logic puzzles, visual things, whatever, that will fall into place at the actual event by allowing people to have access to.... to....

I would appreciate references to your favorite "secret box" instructables...things that you would need some code or something to get into.

Thanks in advance....


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6 years ago

I have always wanted to build a wooden puzzle type box, but just haven't had the time. Closest I have come is WAY back in my early years I did make a little *safe* out of PVC pipe where I glued a cap on one side, then put a little nail through the cap on the other end, cut some lines in the end of the pipe so that you had to maneuver the pin in the cap back and forth to follow the cut in the pipe in order to get it off. Cheap simple and easy to do.

I am sorry, but do not have any pictures or anything to show you, but if I have time this weekend I could mock one up for you.