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secret dice (die) box? Answered

i was watching this video on YouTube of a box someone made, and i had a few improvements i would like to make but no idea where to start on how to do this. the box used a micro controller and im new to such things (i just got an Arduino Uno a few weeks ago) so im not sure where to begin with that either. any help on how to do this, or where to start, or even ideas for improvement would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advanced


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7 years ago

First learn the basics of the Arduino. Go to the Arduino web site and start learning how to code it and wire it up. As you get further into it you should be able to use a 6 axis accelerometer to take the place of that guy's home made tilt switch. Though it may be easier to replace the spots of the dice with push buttons and have it use a push button combo. You should be able to find all sorts of combination lock sketches for the Arduino online and in the Arduino forums.