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help creating a biosensor prototype Answered

I will attempt to be as concise as possible. That said, please bare with me if things are explained as well as they need to be, I am very new to this. Determined, but still a novice.

I am conducting research as part of an effort to create a wearable prototype. Essentially, I need to combine a ppg heart rate monitor with a infrared thermometer (to measure skin temperature) and to have both devices maintain bluetooth capability. Any input in regards to this would be amazing. 

More specifically, I am wondering if there are any DIY ppg heart rate monitor and/or infrared thermometer starter kits? Or resources that will assist with building these elements, aside from tutorials. I ask because it is a challenge to uncover all of the nuance and intricacies with electrical engineering and design without having a sufficient background.  For instance, it is clearly possible to add a bluetooth component to a heart rate monitor, but I am unsure if the two components (ppg hrm and infrared therm) must "talk" to each other while maintaining a bluetooth connection to a website or some other device. 

If this is all as "simple" as building these devices separately and adding a bluetooth component to each of them, it would be greatly appreciated if you can provide a specific link to easy sources to obtain the components. I think I can follow along the tutorials, though there are still questions there. 



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5 years ago

First revise your search with Arduino. A simple search here or on google for Arduino heart rate and temp monitor will give you a lot of results. Lots of people have done a DIY system like that. Check Adafruit for the sensors and there Flora wearable arduino based micro controller. Course they have lots of tutorials and information to help you get things set up too.


Here is your pulse sensor


Temp sensor



5 years ago

I can't answer your question, but I have two pieces of advice:

1. Edit the title of the topic to be more relevant and technical. As it is, it sounds like you are seeking help with your love-life.

2. Move the topic to "Technology", where it will get more, and more useful, responses.