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sensors microcontrollers Answered

Hiya guys is there anyone that can guide me to finding an instructable that deals with interaction in remote places using a micro-controller. For instance people in 2 different locations in the world, want to engage or enhance social bond or interaction by using a motion or proximity sensor and internet of things for instance triggering a sound or an led light that can be sensed in a remote location. So one location motion is detected and the other location this detection can also be seen, if that makes sense?

For instance similar to this kind of project  http://goodnightlamp.com/

Could this be done?



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4 years ago

It is called home automation and nothing new in modern buildings.
At work you sent a SMS to your coffee mahine so your coffee is ready when you get home.
And since it is a hot day you also start the airconditioner and close the blinds while at it.
Power points can be controlled in a similar way.
There a lot of companies offering complete solutions as well as single modules for those with the need of just some upgrades.
You can also use two webcams and motion detection (alarm) software for them.
Simply configure them to send the video as a stream as soon as motion is detected to the computer with the other cam.
Options are endless, just use your imagination.