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sequential LED hulahoop for special needs student Answered

I am a special ed teacher and I want to make a sensory device for one of my students. 
What I'm hoping to do is put LEDs around a hula hoop (or something similar), then I need a way to make the lights go on in sequence, so that my student can follow the lights go around in a circle. 
I'm rather new to making my own stuff, so I really don't know where to look for how to do this. Any advice is much appreciated!




4 years ago

There is also the option of flexible LED strips.

Most come with a controller that has several functions, like flashing, dimming and so on, the RGB (full color) ones also have an effect like you want and basically run along the lenght of the strip like the old Knight Rider light.


4 years ago

There are a few ibles on lighted hula hoops


You might want to embed a tiny adafruit Trinket/Gemma microcontroller that you program into the hula hoop that has a strand of neopixel leds. Look on adafruit's site for the tutorials for programming or getting started with trinket and neopixel. The prebuilt strand is easy to use with a few connections to the board, add some batteries and you can light it up in any sequence. You can add sensors later on for tactile input. Good luck.