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single ebook download page behaves as if I cannot log in Answered

While logged in (account links look correct in upper right hand corner), I visit the "Guide-to-Paracord" page.

Immidiately, it looks as though I've been logged out ("Login" appears in the upper right.) Logging in and returning to this page always has this same effect (no other ebook page [so far] does so.)

When clicking the "download" link, the mini-login appears. entering my username/password only cycles the page (ending in the same result.)


Maybe something wrong with the page...


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9 years ago

I think you might be getting a cached logged out version of the page. Would you mind clearing your cache and cookies and seeing if that goes away?

If you want to try something easier before you go to that extreme, you can hold down the shift key while clicking your browsers refresh button at the same time. That'll do a kind of soft reset on your cache.

Let me know!