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slow drying art paint varnish? Answered

Can any artist help me find an art paint varnish (clear, matt)  that has a longer drying time? I have nothing to compare with but I'm thinking of ways to mix luminous powder for watches. I really have no idea about varnishes in general so any pointers or websites will be helpful. I need the mix to stay wet and workable for at least 15 to 30 minutes. I am looking at Winsor & Newton varnishes. Any other suggestions and options would greatly help me.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Have you tried non-retouch varnish for oil paintings? I don't know if it comes in matte, but when I used the gloss varnish (applied with a brush) it took more than an hour to dry.

You might also look into acrylic matte medium with a retarder added to slow drying. Some are self leveling, some are paste like. There are now some very slow drying acrylics on the market, so you might try your local art supply store.

This site talks about oil mediums and might help if your process won't work with acrylics or varnish


7 years ago

Thanks for your help, everyone. I'll head out to the art store soon.


7 years ago

Almost any of the commercial art type varnishes would do,

Many are acrylic based and use water as a solvent.


7 years ago

Wouldn't the varnish take longer to dry if you added a drop of the appropriate solvent?


Answer 7 years ago

You mean by adding a thinner? In that case, the compound might not have the correct flow, i.e., it needs more tweaking. The powder is not cheap so I don't want to waste any in the name of finding the correct formula. It is possible to use just the lume powder and an appropriate varnish. I don't want to resort to using a thinner but so far that seems to be the only other option. That, or working very fast which is hard to do.

I read so many article/posts online but people have mixed results. Some used Tamiya models acrylic varnish but it dries very fast. Clear nail polish was used by others but that is a no-no.