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small DC 12v battery? Answered

hello all. i am currently working on an air powered rifle. my goal is for it to be self contained, so i took apart a testors airbrush compressor and i am fitting the compressor assembly to a 12v blower motor for an early 90s toyota 4runner. is there any way that i can make or purchase a 12v battery pack to power this thing?



7 years ago

A car battery would certainly be the safest easy option, since that's what the blower motor would run on normally. If you need something smaller and lighter, you should spec out the amp rating of the blower motor and look into rechargeable LiPo batteries (usually found in stores and online sites that deal with R/C cars and airplanes). Make sure the LiPo's discharge rate is high enough to supply the max blower amps, though.

Another option: batteries for emergency lighting. You can get them in the lighting section at Lowes / Home Depot.


7 years ago

yes ther is but you will have to buy or you can find one in your garge like a car battry or a drill battry so ya i hope this helpded