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small MP3 recording whrist band device Answered

Hello The job that I do is based alot on respect and trust. As all of you might know, trust is very easily destroyed just by words. Thats why I was thinking about putting together a recording device that would be like a wrist band that would only need to have 24h or more recording capability and possible bluetooth for downloading mp3 files. To start things I would need to find a small IC that does real time mp3 compression and does not consume alot of power. any ideas regarding this project ?



10 years ago

You might have luck just getting a small MP3 player with a decent capacity, I've had a lot of luck with little chinese ones before... There are loads of them small enough to be used with a wristband, alternatively you could use a phone with a bluetooth handsfree mic and a memory card, leave it on record all day, the ones that clip on to your sun visor in cars have good mics for speaking in a room. Building your own would probably be rather costly, if I can dig up one of the cheapos in my junk drawer I'll test out the recording capacity for them, you might need a better mic however they're very simple items and you can swap in a more sensitive one for less than a few quid and a minute or two of soldering. Just out of question what do you do? Hmm found a stick type one in my drawer, had a look before hitting post, the boards damaged but I'll see if I can get it running again, it's only 512mb but it'll give a rough idea of time vs. memory.


Reply 10 years ago

Agreed, some of the cheap usb stick like mp3 players are the best - i agree with the soldering on a better map.