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small serial high resolution display? Answered

Is there a 720p or 1080p display that is about  .75" -1.5" diagonally, this would be used for an Arduino project so if it has pins rather than a type of ribbon cable connector that would be helpful.



2 years ago

Please do some reading on the amount data required to produce "just" a 720P video stream.
After that check how fast a 32bit Arduino like the Duo can process data and prepare an output from it.
Last but not least compare your results to the speed and data amount possible through a serial connection.

I'll give you a hint: USB is already much faster than a serial connection but still you won't find anything providing a 720P stream let alone a full HD one ;)


Answer 2 years ago


Kids just don't understand microprocessors are not as fast as quantum computers...


Answer 2 years ago

Much depends on what he is trying to display. Simple graphics wouldn't be a problem with an OLED display, text is easy. Most displays accept simple serial data now with all the hard work done on board.

The real issue is we haven't been told enough about the problem, ie what exactly is he going to show at 1080P - real time video - No. Text yes - simple graphics perhaps.

More information please.