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small solar panel with 1 AA battery? Answered

I need a small solar panel to put on top of a tiki pole so I can have its eyes light up. It has one in it but has quit working trying to find one to replace it . It is approx. 2 1/2 in by 2 1/2 in do you carry such a thing or know where I might purchase one. Thank you for your help in advance Anne Domes



10 years ago

Hi Anne, It depends where you live. Here in the UK we have a chain of stores called "Poundland" which sells solar garden lights for - you guessed it - a pound. I suppose the equivalent in USA is the dollar store - do these exist? Once you have your cheapo solar light ,carefully dismantle it and maybe swop the white LED for a couple of red ones (wired in series) one for each eye. and there you have it. Good luck! The Vap.