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soft LED screen Answered

Soft LED display is our Patent product(Chinese National Patent), as is shown that the screen can be folded, curved and transformed, it can be applied any shape, like circle, arch, or even right-angle. Most importantly, it is light-weighted and easy installation, one square meter just weight about 5 kgs, and the whole system can be hung on the truss or on the building. And it can be expanded through connecting several pieces of soft LED display together to make a larger screen as you want.

Through one and a half years developing, we make immense improvement and solve all important problem. We use the cloth processed specially, so it is waterproof completely, fire retardant and strong enough. (although the both sides is all waterproof, we sign it IP44, because we do not recommend our customer to use the screen in the open air all the time.)

We develop this kind of product mainly applying to stage, TV studio, concert, night bar and disco hall.

Attached a small video and some picture, please check it, through video and picture you can find the characteristic of our soft LED screen.

We are eagerly hoping that we can cooperate with your distinguished coperation,and hope that our product can satisfy you with its light-weight, easy installation,foldability and flexibility, I think it is your best choice.

Contact info:
Fisher(sales manager)
Beijing Huasun Optoelectronic Science Co., Ltd
Add: Yongshun Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing, P.R.China
Tel:+86 10 89512349
Fax: +86 10-89512339
mobile : 0086+13146411249
E-mail: sales@huasun-tech.com
skype: fisher201223


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