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some help with android please...? Answered

Just got myself an 8" Archos arnova 8 tablet with Android 2.1. Purpose is mainly reading PDFs, Office documents, viewing pictures, listening to MP3s en doing some light internet, all for travel.  The user manual was very brief.

I need some simple apps: PDF and office reader. Nowhere is says how to install. Some sites like appslib and android market want me to have a paypal account, even though I will only need a few free apps.

I might use my 8Gb micro SD card to get it via my computer, but really have no idea what I'm doing.

Someone knows a nice tutorial for people totally stuck in the Windows/desktop age?


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5 years ago

Go to Google Play Store you can search and download free versions of Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Mobile Office/Word/PowerPoint/Excel and Polaris Office 5. You don't need any PayPal account or credit card for this all you need a Google account which is simple and free to create


Answer 9 years ago

Don't understand your reaction. I know Android was developed for smartphones.

But I like to read a book in the evening, and many e-books have been converted to PDFs or docs, and can be downloaded with Vuze.

Next week I go camping/ trekking with the bike in Germany, and hope to have the tablet ready by then.