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sound effects modules Answered


I am planning several Halloween props that will benefit bigly from sound effects. For instance...I'm working on a mantel version of the demonic grandfather clock in Disney's Haunted Mansion. It would be awesome to have the sound of the ominous ticking, backed with a chime, that the "real" clock has. This could be an audio loop of just a few seconds. Some of the other parts of my scheme would be enhanced with short loops of sound effects or mood music...a minute or two at most. I don't have a background in electronics, but I can follow directions. Any advice on constructing a few, small sound effects modules?




2 years ago

You can find a lot of cheap modules on Ebay.
Some as a bare circuit board, others with a case, battery holder and all.
Sound quality differs so it pays off to check the specs carefully.
Should be easy enough to modify any on-off/play buttons to your needs...


2 years ago

You can try the Adafruit soundboard, they also have small class D amps.

Like Downunder35m says, there are cheap alternatives available on eBay. Another option are those audio greetings card kits where you can record your own sounds.