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sound-sensitive LED lights that respond to music, sewn into clothing Answered

Hi there.   I'm new to the boards and off to the big festival in the desert next week.  Every year I make some kind of a flashing suit-- usually they are EL Wire -- which is kind of cool to dance in. 

I recently took an Arduino course and I thought it would be great to make a jacket that reacted to sound.  

Ideal:  Had a pot to deal with volume (of club music vs. speaking) and was able to power a row of LED's down each arm and possibly down the side of the torso.

I have a board- I don't have time to program it- I'm wondering if anyone can help? I'm happy to sew it and all that stuff.  Yes, time is tight , but it doesn't have to be perfect!
Let me know.

There is some budget- not much but some. 



8 years ago

Hi! could you provide a link to where I can find some of these sound sensitive led lights?
Thanks! :)


8 years ago

i am having the same problem!