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spam followers Answered

Hi everyone, just thought I would ask if anyone else has had a rash of followers lately, all with the same profile, that  looks something like this.

About:Hello myself Dennis from UK and m 23 years. Me and my father lives in UK and works in UK's famous company j4packaging. We are sale many products such as fragile label,mouth mask so on. If someone need to these product contact on my page.
Location:Birmingham, England, UK
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Sometimes some of the details are different, and Ive had 12 of them over that few weeks. More of an annoyance than anything but just letting everyone know in case you want to do something about it. I will email the support guys too.

if you look at the last 12 on my profile its the photo shopped guys that are the spammers (these have all been deleted since I first wrote the post)



3 years ago

Spam is definitely something that we want to control. If anyone comes across any questionable profiles that haven't left comments anywhere, please email a link to their profile to support at instructables dot com for further review. Please refrain from posting links to spam here.

Troy aka tomatoskins

-Your friendly neighborhood Instructables staff


Reply 3 years ago

Im just bumping this topic as Ive had a few more in the last few days, If you are reading this and you have a followers profile that reads something like this

"Won several awards for managing action figures in Naples, FL. Spent
2001-2004 getting my feet wet with Slinkies in Libya. Enthusiastic about
writing about yard waste in Deltona, FL. At the moment I'm getting my
feet wet with cigarettes in Hanford, CA. Managed a small team getting my
feet wet with ice cream in Miami, FL. Garnered an industry award while
deploying wool in Naples, FL.

Please let the staff at instructables know by emailing them


Thanks, i just got another 3 spammers today, I just emailed support and they will delete them pretty quickly.

Once they even gave me a pro membership, for bringing a spammer to their attention.


3 years ago

Yes ... For a 'first' for me here: a 'follower ' 's note was merely spam for his sales program of various vitamins .. VERY annoying to see this happening!


Reply 3 years ago

I'm now getting best beer bar spam, Ive emailed the links