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staple gun into a BB gun Answered

there's this guy on youtube named GatheringSticks made a working shotgun out of a Bostitch staple gun. can anyone look into this, possibly research it and build a less-lethal(and less-illegal) version of this?

I can't access youtube from this PC, but the video is easy to find, just search "homemade shotgun"

I had been planning on making a single-shot pistol from a Stanley staple gun that I have, but I just don't have the necessary tools... yet...

and don't worry, my version was going to be for self-defense and home protection.

also, if someone does make an instructable for a staple-BB-gun, I might use the basics of that for my "StaPistol"


FireLite MS2

8 years ago

so wait, were you guys talking about me or the guy in the youtube video?

btw, got the link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKQUMIfTHh4


8 years ago

It won't be long before that kid buys the farm too.


Reply 8 years ago

it's only a matter of time before someone staples their lips together and cries wolf (oh wait, is that a mixed metaphore?