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starting circuit for programmable sequence, for flashing LED? Answered


I am interested in suggestions for starting points to build a programable flashing LED.  The intervals of dark/light should be configurable, kind of like morse code.  But not subject to what I recall as requirements for Morse- dashes are 2x as long as dots, or something- duration will vary for both.  Maximum total length of sequence is 10 seconds.

There are a lot of flashing LED circuit Instructables, some very old and referencing 7 yr old chips- unsure if I can get those chips.

In an ideal world, when I am done, I could have multiple EEPROMs that I could switch out to configure the flash sequence I wish.  One sequence per EEPROM.  Or another means to accomplish this.

My background:  I can solder a little, I can program and shell script a little, I have not much idea about electronics at all.

Thank you for pointers to a jumping-off spot for me!


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Answer 4 years ago

Thank you, this looks great.

I think this is perfect to start with, and looking at the source code I could set the pattern I want (with some changes) or to start with as it is it will repeat a pattern I flash at it.

I don't wish to ask super basic questions, but google search for that chip has a couple sources, and I also need a programmer.

Any pointers on sourcing parts from those who know what they are doing are welcome. I primarily use OS X but I have windows and linux available.