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steel framed basement windows.. Answered

I have a window well that constantly fills up when it rains and it has done so for years to the point it has rusted the steel frame that holds the window in addition to the actual window..
I have dug out the well to one foot below exterior sill but it still fills up and leaks in the rusted window frame...
There are window well covers and gutters are clean and downspouts rerouted as far from the well as possible,
Any ideas on how to fix?????



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11 years ago

Does your landscaping slope towards the house? You may need to put in berms or other barriers surrounding the window, or re-grade the landscaping to slope away from your house & foundation. Check to see if it's just this one window, or if water is tending to build up all around your hause & foundation. If it's all around, you'll need to re-do the drainage all around, or else risk a leaky basement (best case scenario) or the whole watertight foundation tending to pop the house up out of the ground like a cork (very much not the best case scenario, unless your house is built like the S.S. Minnow). If it's just the one window, you might be able to get away "easy" by putting in a French Drain: dig a hole to 2 feet below the bottom of the foundation, sloping its sides and bottom away from the house. Place a 4" perforated pipe at the bottom of the drain, & connect it by non-perforated pipe to your storm drain system. Bed the perf pipe in 1-2" gravel for at least 1 foot all around. Backfill the hole you just dug halfway with 3-4" rocks, then to 6" below the bottom of the window well with 1-2" gravel. Use equal parts sand, gravel & dirt for the last 6", cap with shade-tolerant planting or something else very porous. Really, this could be very serious, and need to be checked out soonest. The foundation of your house is, well - it's the foundation of your house.