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stepper motor question Answered

ok, i am trying to make a chain clock, its just a clock with a gear instead of a minute hand that turns a chain with 12 numbers on it. my problem  is; the chain i am using is too heavy for a conventional quarts movement. i would like to use a stepper motor but all the drive circuits i find need an arduino. are there any simple circuits i can make, to use a stepper motor for a clock?

i do have some circuitry skills so i can work around some stuff. thanks for the help :)


The Skinnerz

7 years ago

You should look in some clock restoration catalogues, as they tend to have some heavier duty movements, especially for mains powered units. A stepper motor would eat batteries far quicker than a normal clock movement, so you may as well go with a mains driven unit.

The Skinnerzgolddigger1559

Reply 7 years ago

Any mains movement should work, although the ones that use the mains power directly to get a 50Hz signal to drive a motor at a constant speed would be better than a unit that has a movement like the ones in battery clocks but is powered from the mains.

The only other thing to consider is that the rate at which the driving gear for the chain needs to turn will likely be different to the speed of the movement, but it shouldn't be too hard to adjust the gearing.