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stepping up 8.1v to home usage Answered

i have a permanent magnet motor which i found in my store (old gemini gate motor) i have built a small wind turbine that works well, so here is my question, i need to make this turbine generate enough power, to power my hot water electric geyser. i hope there is somebody that can help me i am really novice to this, i have read about inverters etc (even bought a book - electronics for dummies - great book i might add) to help me but i am not coming right ! i really hope someone can help me



9 years ago

The voltage of the motor is only half of the equation - you need how much power it produces, in watts.
The power must be stored in batteries, then the batteries used to run the heater through an inverter as you suggest.

I've never heard of an 8.1 volt inverter unfortunately - is there any way you can convince the motor to put out more voltage by upping the rpms?

Alternately you could charge a 7.5 volt bank of batteries - then disconnect and reconnect them to give out 15 volts - suitable for a 12v > 120 volt inverter.

Remember watts = watts. If you have 10 watts and you need to run a 1500 watt heater, you need to run the generator for 150 hours to get 1 hours of heated water.


Answer 9 years ago

i am brand new to electric and electronics, i know very little. the motor (gemini gate motor) tested on a bench with a drill produces 8.10 volt. so what i need to do now is step up the volts to 13 or 14v so i can charge batteries, then build a small inverter to step it all up so i can power a geyser for warm water. in my naive state i tried to measure the amparage through the motor and s i connected it into the circuit it produced 3.5 amps so what i think i have is a 8.10v motor (peak rpm) with 3.5 amps which i have to make power a warm water geyser.