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stereo audio amplifier lm386 (i need some help) Answered

any ideas if this would work (i'm a total noob on this)
blue=bass boost
black= ground
any suggestions on how to:
make it work?
make it sound better?
louder without distorting? 
make it more suitable for mp3player/ipod?
how to add (and where to put) high and/or low pass filter?
the 10k log pot should serve as volume control (hope that's correct XD)
my jack's all wrong i need 1/8 stereo jack....so how do i put that ?
how many watts for the speaker?    
is a 9 volt enough to power this ? 
would the switch on the bass boost work?


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8 years ago

What schematic are you going off of for this? 

Here are a couple of basic LM386 audio amp circuits. But they are all mono amps. If you want stereo then build a pair of the circuits. Then either use 2 separate pots or buy one that has a single shaft that controls 2 variable resistors. If you combine the left and right channels into a single pot you will loose about half the signal strength going into the amp. 


8 years ago

What's it supposed to be ? Draw a real circuit diagram !