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stove liner-how to make? Answered

I want to build a zero cost stove to heat my greenhouse and burn waste paper and scraps of timber and cardboard. I don't mind too much what kind of stove (probably rocket stove) but I gather that I need a firebrick/ refractory cement liner. However I have seen african stove designs that use only mud; is mud better than ordinary housebrick? I have some housebricks, a bit of refractory cement and some vermiculite, manure, and mud shouldn't be a problem. any thoughts? thanks, dave.?


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11 years ago

I seem to recall hearing of a stove that was two metal barrels, one inside the other.   The inner barrel was the chamber.  The outer one insured that when the inner barrel actually burned through, the hot embers wouldn't drop onto the floor and cause a fire.  Inner barrel had to be replaced periodically though.

Check out http://www.dansworkshop.com/aluminum-foundry/homebuilt-electric-melting-furnace.htm    Around the middle of the page is a refractory mixture using perlite and furnace cement.  Vermiculite absorbs and holds moisture, not exactly the best thing for a furnace.

Good luck!