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superhero idea Answered

I always come up with tons of superhero ideas but I can't seem to get one. I need a name, super power and story. (it can also be a villian)



6 years ago

Mr. Good Guy
He returns library books on time.
Gives 10% to charity and doesn't itemize it on his taxes.
He doesn't date or kiss girls until after he is married. Then he asks permission first.
Drives 2 miles below the speed limit and slows down at intersections.
He YIELDS to pedestrians.
He wears cotton underwear.
Doesn't visit youtube because of the frequent copyright violations and rude comments.
Doesn't run or walk with scissors.
He wears Sears clothing.
Called up Microsoft to make sure that his copy of paint was a licensed and official copy before he used it.
He returns your car with a full tank of gas.
He borrows $5 dollars but returns $10.

Punk Love Designs

6 years ago

The Quantum Commander

Modeled after Michael Cera in arrested development, he only exists when you're looking right at him. If he walks away, everyone completely forgets he was there. As a result of this, I'd assume his relationship with his parents is really weird, maybe he spent years thinking they had Alzheimers. Likewise he goes on occasional geeky dates, but as soon as he walks away the girl ends up making out with some other guy no matter how well they connected. I'd imagine he also has some weird habits and a major forum addiction.

He could win any battle no matter how grand, walk away, and then everyone would forget he was even there and assume the bad guy won (or they'd always have some sort of uncertainty/ deja vu when seeing him again). It would also be a major pain in the butt for him to manage his bank & phone accounts.

I imagine his only other power would be the ability to make glowy blue balls of energy with his hands, which would feel weird and be absolutely useless. I view his powers as more of a social disability, with his physical and mental makeup pure nerdy/ shy everyman. The gag would be that he would go to great lengths of will and effort to overcome his weaknesses and stake out some measure of victory (a la Kickass), only to be utterly forgotten immediately after. Maybe he'd be proud and return to his forums a little better than he came, semi existent trophy on his baseball shelf? Maybe he'd utterly disappear to the reader as he did in the story? I can't recall an example, but imagine a regular guy who beats up 1,000 ninjas by hand, then gets landed on with a *squish* by the quinjet, Wolverine asking "what was that?" before jumping into combat with the villain of the week.


FoolishSagePunk Love Designs

Answer 6 years ago

That reminds me of The Silence from Doctor Who but as a super hero rather than an evil race of planet controlling aliens :p