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just need a few people to answer a questionnaire to help with a report if ya want to take part thats grate if you could send them back to me at addoptedtree@hotmail.com  that would be grate thanks  

Questionnaire on the production of props and areas of work 


This question air is to asses’ different areas of the industry what people know of the industry and to see if more information has changed people’s ideas on where they want to work.
This survey also looks into wither or not TV has been a big influence as its ever growing presence and what is shown is shaping so Meany peoples future choices.

What inspired you to want to work in this type of industry

Where did you innately want to work and in what area 

What is your aspirations for the future in this industry 

We’re could you see you’re self taking your talents if you’re initial plan doesn’t work out 

What companies do you know of that specialise in this industry 

Do you think TV has influenced you in any way and how much do you think it has influenced you on a scale form 1 – 10

One being the lowest and ten being the highest

Answer bellow

Who has been you’re biggest influence to you air in your work

Answers bellow


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6 years ago

Hmm, pretty much unknown here, no history of postings or Instructables....
If you ask me not the best start to ask for a survey.
I get survey requests almost daily in my inbox, they all go straight to spam for the same reason: Don't know you, don't know why, and won't get anything.
Might sound a bit harsh, but would you make a survey for nothing to help someone you don't even know?


6 years ago

The big question is which button on the TV remote turns on the spell and grammar check.