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survival weapons Answered

I would love to see a good spear for fishing and a sheild I have not seen many sheilds. If my message body is bad don't judge me i don't really know what to say this is my first time posting something like this and excuse my bad grammar please. Also I'm new here thats why I have not posted any instructables yet.  



4 years ago

Ehh.... if you've identified a missing instructable, it'd be a good idea to produce it and post it up yourself.

As far as survival weapons go, I'd stay away from weapons that only have function in an armed conflict against another human beings.
Shields aren't really a survival weapon. They don't serve a purpose outside of armed conflict with another human. Light weight coverings that shade you from sun and rain, or carts that are specifically designed to ferry goods from place to place are better investments of time in a survival type situation.

Bows and arrows are quick and easy to manufacture, even with minimal resources.

If we're not talking about some sort of realistic survival scenario, and we're talking about zombies, Guns and explosives are not hard to make in the least degree. No one ever really explores biological agents in zombie stuff. Insects, fungi, and bacteria all seem like they should have some use, even if it's not an instant fix.


Reply 4 years ago

Zombies? If so, no time to build. Small flag pole and metal trash can lid will have to do! ;)