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switch for a coilgun Answered

what is the minimum amperage rating needed for the fire switch and what will happen if u use something lower, like a 20a light switch? also how much one would cost would be nice to. i have heard that 40 or 50 A will work, but i would like to use something smaller, easyer to find, and more affordable. any help would be nice.



Best Answer 8 years ago

To answer your question I need to know your capacitor bank size and voltage. Preferably with your coil dimensions as well.

On a standard mains rated switch you are limited to about a 74J cap bank @330v, 1360uF. I know because after repeated usage, my 74J coilgun fuses the mains switch shut.

8 photoflash caps in parallel at 120 uF and 330v a piece. although now i have had a regular light switch on it for quite some time and it seems to be working juust fine.


7 years ago

My coil gun has 400J I am using a solid state relay rated for 80A will it work?