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switching on a device using a mcu Answered

I just want to know, I have a device (a gravis game pad pro) that continuously sends out a 3 byte serial packet via 2 wires (the game pad drives the clock, so the mcu is the slave, the clock is at 20khz), but there isn't any chip select or slave select or anything like that to start the serial transmit, and since my application circuit already has another serial device on connected to the spi pins of my PIC, I can't have the game pad on all the time, so I decided I need to control when to power on the game pad

what should be used (that i have on hand right now)?
a switching regulator like the TC110 from microchip? (i don't have this one yet)
a mosfet driver (i have lots of tc4424)?
2n3904 or 2n2222 or bc547 transistor?

EDIT: I'm just gonna use the mosfet driver... But what is the proper way to do this?

or waste some program space and manually interpret the clock and the data pins? there is always five consecutive "1" in the first byte of data, and that condition can never be repeated