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tabi boots for parkour? Answered

tabi boots are the split toe'd canvas boots that "ninja"/'shinobi' wear, what do you guys think?



5 years ago

I recently wrote an article on Traditional Tabi Boots and what Tabi Boots are best to train in. If you intreated read here http://ensomartialarts.com/what-tabi-boots/


8 years ago

hey dude

i use five fingered shoes
they are briant just have a thin sole so mean that nit good fro long drops. however the toes alow extra grip when climbing and give the extra flexability toy wouldnt get in a normal shoe. it depends on what you do mostly. if yout like me, mostly do tricking and stay on ground most of the time they are perfct, not shore what the sole's on them will be like tha tbut i am gessing will be same problem.

you can get these of ebay for about £20
sorry for the late reply


9 years ago

I think that this is a matter of personal choice,but go for the shoes with the bottom that cushions ur falls best. good training is waaaayyy better than shoes, although and the boots would be better suited for climbing and such but I cant see them being practical for speed in the urban environment

Unless you want to use them anyway and ignore what ive said, fly at 'er and give me some feedback :D


9 years ago

Hey dude,

there are split toe trainers on the market (Nike Rift etc) that are supposedly aimed at Traceurs, but these are generally discounted in favour of simpler "feelier" shoes like the air dart, or lightweights like the merrell waterpro.

Tabi are pretty good for parkour, but be sure to get a tight fit, some good breathable tabi socks (not too thick) and don't even bother with the boots that are like ultra-cheap, as the bottoms can fall off after some heavy grip on walls and stuff. I have seen some ninjutsu practitioners pull some crazy movement even in the full length boots and such.

If you want a pair of tabi for parkour then I can personally recommend these bad-boys.

I got some of these lowcuts quite recently, and not only do they make you look like you are an actual ninja (oh yeah they do), but they are very comfortable and grippy.